“As cliche as it sounds, never give up. You will hit many walls, but resilience is key.” After a career in advertising and building brands for clients for over a decade, Virginia Sin knew it was now her time to build a brand of her own. As a passion project of hers, Virginia had been crafting beautiful porcelain plates meant to mimic the look of a paper plate. Now, SIN Ceramics are sold in stores across the country (including on our site!) We talked with Virginia about what pieces in her collection she is most proud of, what advice she would give to someone wanting to branch out on their own creative venture, and what’s next for her and SIN.

Two single SIN ceramic candelabras hold dried botanicals and one duo candelabra holds two tapered candles.

You founded SIN, a company dedicated to creating beautifully handmade pieces. Tell us how you got to where you are today?

This has been a long-time dream of mine. I was working in advertising for over a decade, building brands for my clients yet I knew I wanted to build/make a brand of my own.

I was making/selling porcelain paper plates as a side-hustle / passion project starting in 2007.

Here’s the full story: https://virginiasin.com/blogs/sininthewild/from-a-daydream-to-full-time

What are a few pieces in your collection that you are most proud of?

The Prong, Fruit Bowl and Rolling Hills, Table Lamp.

All of your pieces are handmade in the US. What do you hope is the first impression when someone picks up a SIN piece?

My hope would be that each piece can evoke warmth and happiness to your home.

You live in Brooklyn. What are a few things you love about living there?

Brooklyn has been my home for 13+ years and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

A plate of oysters lays on a white linen piece of fabric with a decanter, slices of bread and lemon slices.

Where do you go when lacking inspiration?

I find that a lot of my inspiration comes from my memories, my travels, and everyday observations.

What are a few home decor trends you are loving right now?

Rather than chasing trends, I think it’s most important to fill your home with what you love and what makes you feel happy.

What advice would you give someone looking to start their own creative business venture?

As cliche as it sounds, never give up. You will hit many walls, but resilience is key. As important as it is to set goals, whether short and/or long term, it's easily important to map out detailed steps on how you plan to get to each milestone. Being your own boss required a ton of discipline and holding yourself accountable is essential.

What’s next for you and SIN?

We are a relatively young business. 2020 is the year we plan on strengthening our business foundation as we continue to build it up. It’s important to us that we grow in an organic and sustainable way. Earlier this year, we launched our first bath collection and expanded our indoor/outdoor planter and vase assortment. What’s next? I’m excited to grow our kitchen collection! (The kitchen is my favorite most important part of my home.)

Photography by (from top to bottom): Sharon Radisch, Maison Visuelle, Angela Sun, Ali Reeve Studio