Sarah Solis finds unique balance in her design—grounding a love for the organic with a deep appreciation of timeless principles. The designer and founder behind Sarah Solis Design Studio is a born and raised Los Angeleno who emerged from studying art to develop her craft in fashion styling and design before focusing the entirety of her energy and a sharp practiced eye on building out an interior design firm. Like her native Los Angeles, Sarah’s work and inspiration exist at the intersection between the natural world, fashion, and fine art. Along the way, she accumulated and refined an aesthetic that blends classical notes from around the world with a profoundly personal California minimalism reflective of her landscape. Sarah’s firm works with clients to discover inspired environments that emanate from a unique taste and move toward defining a personal aesthetic. We caught up with Sarah to talk about her comprehensive background, how nature informs her work, and what excites her most about the design process.



Tell us about the launch of Sarah Solis Design Studio. Was there a moment while you were doubling in fashion styling and design that made you take the leap to start your studio?

There was a very long moment where I was straddling both industries. Leaving the world of fashion that I loved so dearly and where I had built such a nice community was tricky, but my design work was truly taking over my life. Design has always been my dream, so there was no other way to go but to close my chapter on fashion and forge forward with building out my firm. It was an easy enough transition because the world of interior design was part of my origin, having grown up in construction with my father being a contractor.

On a related note, how have both fashion styling and your fine art background influenced your work in interior design?

Art is all derivative, and influences come in many different forms. Whether it be fashion design or fine art, it’s all related. However, those relations do not build a design education.

From connecting with the client to bringing the design to life, what are your favorite moments throughout the design process?

My favorite moments are ‘concepting’ and building the design directive—feeling embraced by the trust of inspired clients.

What qualities do you like to always be present in your designs?

I love to convey an understated luxury that is both timeless and artful. I use natural materials that feel very of the earth. Natural fibers and layers of texture such as wool, cotton, plaster, and wood all have a place in the story.

What do you love most about being based in your hometown of Los Angeles? How does it inspire your work?

It’s all about the accessibility to the ocean, mountains, constant sunshine, and a chic fashion district. I mean, we do it pretty well here!


Are there any favorite projects that will always stand out for you?

I don’t engage in projects that I don’t feel love and passion for. There are so many amazing projects in the works right now that I can’t wait to share with the world.

We are now entering the Fall season. Do you have any advice for transitioning your space into a new season?

Deepen the mood and add layers. Bring in the warmth and coziness that we yearn for in the colder months. I do that by changing out throw pillows, adding additional stacks of throw blankets, and bringing in warmer toned art or rugs.


We recently shot our Elan Byrd Collection in a home you designed. What was your creative process and inspiration for this home?

The Desert Milk Adobe project was about how the light moves in the desert, the sandy sculptural tones of the hillsides, and creating a true artist sanctuary. The project centered on creating rest and serenity, which speaks to the quiet of the desert. I wanted something that felt like it just rose out of the earth, not like we were trying to create something that wasn’t already there.

You are one of the accounts we look to for inspiration; what are the three Instagram accounts you consistently turn to for inspiration?

I love to follow @m.a.r.c.c.o.s.t.a, @slow_roads, and @ashelystark. On Sundays, I do a round-up on my Instagram stories of all of my favorite saves.

What’s next for you and Sarah Solis Design Studio?

Finishing our Malibu dream house and 24 other exciting projects—stay tuned!


Photography provided by Sarah Solis Design