Checkerboard is once again having a moment. It's showing up everywhere, from runways to celebrity remodels to home decor. While its iconic black-and-white tiles are most associated with mid-century design, the pattern has remained a classic because of its versatility. In a vintage-inspired space, it adds refined and timeless appeal. Its design brings a dynamic graphic element when styled in a modern look. Throughout it all, and no matter how many revivals it has, designers continue to turn to checkerboard because it remains visually captivating. When introducing our latest Sarah Sherman Samuel collaboration earlier this year, we mentioned the designer's fondness for checks when developing the line. Ever the expert in color and pattern, her hand-drawn interpretations of checkerboard have become some of our most coveted styles. In particular, the Irregular Checkboard Rug reimagines the classic squares and lends them an organic feel. We know incorporating the pattern into your home takes an artful touch, so we're sharing three styling tips on how to best approach it. The first is to start small, with pillows and linens. The second is to play with scale, making sure to avoid using it with a pattern of a similar size. Our last bit of advice is to use checkerboard as a neutral and complement it with similar tones. Scroll down for more.

The tan check Irregular Checkerboard Rug by Sarah Sherman Samuel sets the tone for this bedroom featuring a tan upholstered bed, neutral bedding, ivory ottomans and dark green velvet armchairs.
A black and white checkerboard tile floor grounds an entryway with a round off-white table with books displayed on top and a brown velvet footstool.
Start Small

We suggest starting small if you're nervous about committing to the checkerboard look. Look to add hints of the pattern in the form of throw pillows or bath linens. The Irregular Checkerboard Bolster Pillow is a great accent to add a subtle checker. Pair the taupe color with the Belmont Accent Chair in your living room or the Adara Bed in your primary bedroom—the tonal, two-toned design works well layered with other patterns in the space.

 The ochre and white Irregular Checkerboard Rug by Sarah Sherman Samuel is displayed in a design office with a round white table surrounded by three wooden chairs and design samples laying about.

Play With Scale 

When styling with a checkerboard pattern and mixing with others, you will need to pay attention to the scale. For example, if you have a small-scale checkerboard, you want your other patterns to be larger in scale for balance. The Checkerboard Wallpaper in taupe and ivory offers a softer, organic look and feel to your walls, seamlessly working with other patterns. Consider styling it with the Marli Rug's rich tones and oversized geometric patterns. Similarly, the wallpaper can serve as a backdrop for the delicate linework of wall art drawings.

The subtly checked black and neutral Uma rug grounds this craftsman-style living room with two ivory sofas facing each other in front of a wooden fireplace.
The black and white Checkerboard Wallpaper by Sarah Sherman Samuel sets a modern and eclectic feel with two white sculptures and a black and white line drawing.
Use as a Neutral

Even though it's seen as a bold pattern, a checkered design can be very versatile, especially if it comes in a neutral tone. In monochromatic black and white, the Checkerboard Rug by Sarah Sherman Samuel can work as a backdrop to both modern and more transitional spaces, allowing the furniture and decor to take center stage. A roomy sectional sofa and round coffee table in lighter finishes create a gathering place, and dark finished side tables, mirrors, and overhead lighting sit back to the rug's black tiles.   


The black and white Irregular Checkerboard Rug by Sarah Sherman Samuel sets the tone in this neutral living room with an ivory sectional, brown wooden accent chair and round light wood coffee table.
The brown and neutral subtle check Uma Runner Rug sits in a kitchen in between a refrigerator and a marble, wood and iron island flanked with medium brown wooden barstools.
A vintage-inspired brown and white checkerboard tiled bathroom has the wood and upholstered Ripple vanity chair and a putty brown painted vanity with marble countertop.


A black and white checkerboard floor set a vintage tone in this kitchen dining nook. Four black and rattan padded chairs surround a round white table.
The tan and ivory Irregular Checkerboard Rug by Sarah Sherman Samuel sits in front of a dark wood sideboard with arched cane paneling and a potted tree.