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7 Trends That Are Going to Be Huge In 2020


It’s a brand new year and a brand new decade. Kelley here, Lulu and Georgia’s resident stylist and I’m breaking down some of my favorite trends for 2020 that we think are going to be big this year... Some are new takes on trends that have been slowly swirling around for the last several years and others are brand new ideas we’re just seeing starting to develop.

Arches + Curves

Design by Bree Leech | Photography by Derek Swalwell


We’ve been talking about curves for what seems like years now, but this is the year of the arch. I’m especially drawn to the use of the arch architecturally; think doorways, hallways and even circular windows. The soft, undulating nature of the arch softens a space normally filled with hard surfaces and brings a subtle feminine feel to the space. If a remodel isn’t in your future, look for arches in decorative accessories, mirrors, and rugs for a quick update.


Moody Kitchens

Design by Heidi Caillier | Photography by Haris Kenjar


The tide has turned and the pendulum has swung, away from bright and airy all-white kitchens, into the deep, dark, sumptuous luxuriousness that is the moody kitchen. I’ve been especially drawn to kitchens with statement-making appliances, vintage art, and my personal favorite, mirrors. Keep counters deep and dark and cabinet faces or backsplashes a neutral green, blue, or grey.


Ribbing and Fluting

Design and Photo by Chris Loves Julia 


Another throwback '70s trend, the repetitive symmetry of ribbing and fluting is a nice contrast to the soft undulations of some other 2020 trends. I especially love this clean, streamlined pattern paired with something bulbous and organic; it’s a beautiful contrast. Fluting can add much-needed texture and contrast in a space that may be lacking overall architectural details and is such a unique addition to any space.


Vedima Bookcase


Big Fat Furniture


Overstuffed, overplumped and over the top, big fat furniture is going to be a huge trend in 2020. Taking major inspiration from the '70s, upholstered pieces such as sofas and occasional chairs are reimagined in curvy, luxuriously feminine silhouettes. Bonus points for organic, asymmetric shapes that straddle the line between sculpture and furniture.


Josephine Sofa


Vintage and Antiques


2020 is all about sustainability, and buying vintage is a great way to reduce your footprint. Rugs, art, and small decor pieces are my favorite vintage buys to perk up space and infuse personality. The words vintage and antique are often used interchangeably but are actually different. An antique can be deemed vintage, but a vintage piece isn't necessarily considered antique. A good rule of thumb is that vintage refers to that of an earlier generation, while an antique piece is at least 100 years of age or older.


Canopy Beds


For those with the space, the canopy bed is yet another trend making a comeback for 2020. Dramatic, stately, and comforting, canopy beds can create a seriously serene sleeping environment. A serious statement maker, they anchor the room with a grand focal point-and they aren’t just for those with higher ceilings. A canopy bed can work just as well within an average height ceiling-it can even help a space feel bigger by drawing the eye all the way up.

Handmade Goods

Photography by Billie Blanket


Handmade pieces have been coveted for decades, however, a resurgence inspired by the connection with the makers and artists is now a central point in the story of each piece made by hand. The recent focus of wabi-sabi and a quality-over-quantity attitude casts handmade pieces as the art that they are, becoming an important part of the “uniqueness” of one’s space. 


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