Behind the Scenes

Meet the Makers: Our Handmade Furniture


Not all furniture is created equal. Many of the pieces that you see in our Spring Collection are handmade in Los Angeles using recycled materials. We want to highlight the care and consideration that is taken to create beautiful, handmade furntiure by taking a closer look at the process.

The Materials 
The process starts with the raw materials. The material here is recycled from torn down buildings including wood, glass, and steel. First the raw materials are manicured and sorted to determine which pieces it can be used for. Paint and nails are removed and each piece is assigned to a furntiure design. This process is time consuming but ultimately the end result of using recycled material is a piece of furniture that has beautiful patina and character and that is also gentler on the planet. 


After the materials are sorted the construction of the pieces start. Skilled craftspeople work on their speciality for each item - welders build steel frames, woodworkers manicure and shape the wood, and upholsterers apply fabric. Finished furntiure frames are stained or painted on site. 


The finishing touches are made to each piece - details like land minute sanding, touching up the paint, attaching drawers, or cutting a loose thread off of fabric. Due to the raw, natural materials that are used in making this furntiure by hand - no piece is exactly like the next. There may be some variation in the color or in the stain, which ultimately is what makes the furntiure special. Having furniture in your home that was handcrafted brings the life and care of the maker to your space. 

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Nia Bed, Natural

$3,198 - $3,498

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